The Boyd Primary school in Dia

In March 2003 the request from the community in Dia arose if Josephine could help with the building of a primary school. Going to school in Sierra Leone is not common for all children. Often they have to work to supplement the family income or there is no money to pay school fees and school materials.

Migrant Development

A project to foster the link between migrants from Sierra Leone and their country of origin that will utilize the knowledge and skills from migrants in the Netherlands to innovate the economy in their home country. The idea is to promote sustainable development of the SME-sector (Small and Medium Enterprise) in those countries.

Vocational School

To increase the capacity among the youth with skills that will enable them to actively participate in the development of their local community. These future leaders should be empowered to ensure future development of the country.

An orphanage has asked us for support for young adults aged 17 and older to receive professional training.

Vocational school new building

The Ngopee Foundation and the Baptist Mission led by Josephine Smits-Davis of Wanda proposes to build a new building for a vocational school. The short-term vision is to realize this in Dia and Kenema, an area with more than 80% of young people who have been marginalized


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If you want to support our organisation, we welcome your donation. Since  1 January 2008 is Wanda foundation recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as a General useful organisation (ANBI Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations to Wanda foundation can therefore result in a tax reduction for Dutch citizens.