Wanda foundation starts and supports sustainable developmentprojects


The Wanda foundation starts and supports sustainable development projects whose aim is to uplift poverty stricken and underdeveloped groups in the field of education, health, agriculture and entrepreneurship. The projects regarding entrepreneurship focus on creating joint venture partnerships between groups in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.

The foundation project goals serve as a way to effectively solve the problems that plague these groups. In doing so the foundation aims to uproot the situations that cause these problems with development and extreme poverty.

These two situations lay at the foundation of the civil war in Sierra Leone between 1991 and 2001. But even in this day and age they again are causing situations where conflicts are arising and violence is emerging among the people.A way that these project goals increase the living conditions in Sierra Leone is by battling unemployment of youths and women. This way the foundation helps create a better position for this group on the job market.These complex challenges ask for professional skills and a critical thinking pattern. One must be able to explain and apply development theories in these given situations. Especially for us as individuals with different cultures and backgrounds.As these situations are being confronted durable solutions are needed. Solutions that are applicable for the traditional local people and the advocate of globalisation that seeks for solutions in the rapidly evolving technological world. Also the solutions must be effective in areas that are dealing with social change and different genders.In our efforts to reach these goals in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands, local communities and companies have a central role in initiating these projects.

Wanda is busy at the moment to support several projects in the Netherlands and Sierra Leone. She also does this to give the Diaspora and youth a place where they can reflect on their current situations and develop a better understanding how they can create a better economy for their homeland.

We want to create leaders among the Diaspora and youth who whole heartedly embrace development and a new form of economics to help people in their homeland and also venture with the Nederlands companies.


This project is meant to contribute to the reconstruction of the social and economic establishments in Sierra Leone and the diaspora in the Netherlands.This project aims to present a construct for the survival of women and children. Also to offer them a chance at much needed independence. This construct will be created by offering possibilities for joint ventures between entrepreneurial entities in Sierra Leone and the diaspora in the Netherlands.


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If you want to support our organisation, we welcome your donation. Since  1 January 2008 is Wanda foundation recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as a General useful organisation (ANBI Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations to Wanda foundation can therefore result in a tax reduction for Dutch citizens.