Vocational Institutions

To increase the capacity among the youth with skills that will enable them to actively participate in the development of their local community. These future leaders should be empowered to ensure future development of the country.

Supporting young adults in the age category of 17 to 21 in Kenema and Dia.

The vision will be to introduce this group to Industry and Construction Companies. That they can go to work for a few days or hours during the week whilst attending school. That way they get experience while going through their technical training. The curriculum will be up to 5 years. During the Summer break it is essential that they find internships with corresponding companies. When they graduate, they have some solid skills that will help them join construction companies. They will utilize their skills in farming technique to grow more food and those with skills in the Industry, IT, Auto/Truck industry or commercial education will do likewise. With this knowledge that is gained they will enhance their area they are coming from.

Project stemming from an orphanage

An orphanage has asked us for support for children and young adults.

Children aged 17 need to leave the orphanage and follow a vocational training by choice. Under the rules it is stipulated that young adults who leave the orphanage will live together in a small house (2 in a house) in the vicinity of the orphanage. The guidance from the orphanage will continue to a lesser degree to these young people till they have completed their vocational training and found a job.

The target group for the orphanage concerns children and young adults aged 6 to 21 years. The orphanage has for this project requested a pupil contribution from the local government institution of Social Welfare. In addition to this contribution an amount is still required for this project of around € 21.000 per year.

Additional Budget needed each year (Amounts in Euro's)

Age Pupils Primary Education Secondary Education Vocational Institute
6 – 12 30 € 100    
13 – 16 30   € 200  
17 10     € 300
18 10     € 300
19 10     € 300
20 5     € 300
21 5     € 300
Total   € 3000 € 6000 € 12000

Students from previous years who are now working are obliged to pay part of their income to the orphanage to support current students.


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