Project Senior secondary school(SSS)

Due to the long distance between their towns, home and the school,  These children could not attend regularly in this condition. “It was also impossible for us to take them to a school that is located around 17miles away” on rough road  see photo, school children on the truck .

Senior secondary school
(SSS ) 1-3 prepare student for the WASCE West Africa  Advance Senior secondary school. To be able to continue your studies Higher education. Technical Innovation institute in Dia Kissi kama.

“COVID-19 has created an education crisis. It’s forced 1.5 billion children out of school”  Education cannot wait.

In Sierra Leone many student were not  able to return without the right resources and support back to school. In towns and remote villages espacaily the region where we are operating Dia kissi kama The Kissi Bendu region Kailahnu districts children  have been unable to access remote learning throughout COVID-19.    Without school, children are deprived of crucial opportunities.

Children, youth and their teachers are disempowered by the lack of an inclusive quality education and a safe learning environment close to there communities  said teachers ,and headmaster of the Boyd high  school .we have met them. we have seen both the despair and the resilience of young teachers who worked  8 to 10 kilometers to school everyday. At the same time adolescent girls demanding their right to education and appealing for protection from early marriage. The High school and ITI Dia can help bring changes to all that need skills training and Wanda foundation and partners will deliver hope and a real opportunity for change.

Girls’ education from pre-school through to secondary levels by ensuring that 50 per cent of the beneficiaries in our school are female. Wanda foundation with the support of Kiwanis, Samen verder and private sponsors also place specific emphasis on reaching those orphans not be left further behind in the education context.

The Senior secondary school in Dia Kissi Kama will tap into Innovative talent of  students and together look for ways to improve and innovate, both in projects and in our Institute.


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