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The Wanda Foundation supports projects in the field of education and health care in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world. We cooperate with organizations such as ‘Wilde Ganzen’ and the ‘NCDO’. Special attention is given to women and children.

What we have accomplished.

We are very proud to tell you that the building of the Boyd primary school in Dia Town in the Kissi Kama Chiefdom has been completed. Thanks to all of our sponsors as there is now a well equiped school for about 700 children. The school is explicitly accessible for everyone regardless of ethnic background, religion or political conviction.

Now we are planning to start a project that will provide clean drinking water and sanitation.

Basisschool in Dia

Impression of our visit to Dia town

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We want to maken an impact in theses 3 areas

Technical innovation institute

Development is necessary for a country and its people if they want to escape poverty. But for development to occur the proper training must be supplied. Training that will nurture, improve and ultimately cause participants to pass on learned knowledge. In a lot of cases the will to learn is there but the teaching means are not available.


Seirra Leone has among the highest maternal mortality and infant mortality rates in the world. Wandafoundation strives to drastically decrease this by building a medical centre with emphasis on safety, quality and a premier maternity service. We are going to make this services sustainable by providing educational classes to prepare mothers for child birth. This will be made available through our innovation institute.


Sierra Leone is still feeling the effects of the civil war of the 90’s. The resulting loss of able bodied men and woman has made food security a serious issue.

There were simply not enough skilled people left to farm the land. Making food readily available for the people has become one of the important factors within Wanda development strategies.


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If you want to support our organisation, we welcome your donation. Since  1 January 2008 is Wanda foundation recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as a General useful organisation (ANBI Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations to Wanda foundation can therefore result in a tax reduction for Dutch citizens.